Unleash Your Authentic Narrative.

We pair our creative passion for storytelling with a deeper purpose—to help our clients establish and maintain credibility as a market leader, boost brand affinity, and align with overarching marketing goals to stimulate bottom line growth.

Our boutique agency serves emerging businesses across industry to develop innovative visibility programs that drive impactful brand exposure, community engagement, and trending discussions that reflect your authentic value proposition amidst a competitive landscape.  

We may be small, but we are mighty, nimble and bold. Our agility enables us to perform at the highest level, operating as an extension of your in-house team, leveraging our deep expertise in Marketing and Business Development to amplify your unique story, and maintain your positive reputation.



Corporate Brand Development

Branding should be personal. We help our clients unlock and create an authentic platform that reflects their business journey, market expertise and unique value proposition, to effectively tell their story.


Launch Campaigns

From a business to a new product or services, we love crafting a strategic launch strategy that pulls back the curtains and unveils the value you’re driving through innovative campaigns.


Speaker Placements

From event research to abstract creation and speaking submissions, we help you designate the appropriate spokespeople to share your brand’s thought leadership in the right place, at the right time with presentation training included.


Event Sponsorships

It’s important to invest in sponsorships that make a tangible impact. We’ll ensure you have a presence at targeted venues, and negotiate sponsorships that align with your marketing goals and budget.


Editorial Media Relations

We connect our clients with targeted editors, journalists, and bloggers who are eager to leverage their experience as a source of market knowledge via earned media opportunities to give you a leg up on the competition and further establish credibility.


Crisis Communications

Managing your company’s reputation is our top priority. From crisis strategy to evaluation and execution, we’ll prepare your team of spokespeople to respond to any communications-related crisis that arises, and serve as advisors every step of the way.


Award Submissions

Awards take recognition to another level, and offer an exciting layer to our everyday jobs. We’ll collaborate with you to identify the right opportunities, craft your submissions, and keep you on deadline to give you the best chance at landing the spotlight you deserve.


Community Engagement

We’re firm believers that people only buy things from people they like, driving brands that they trust. Engaging the community is one of our specialties, from social media management, to custom events, and intentional engagement with your target audience.


Influencer Marketing

Influencers are our jam, as in we know them, we love them, and we support them through an arm of our business. We will connect you with the right market leaders who have a measurable impact on the buyers you’re aiming to impress.


Digital Marketing Support

We have top notch agency partners in place who are eager to support our MAG clients with a full suite of digital marketing services at a reasonable referral rate. From owned to paid content, videography, design and more, we’ll hook you up with the best in business through our ecosystem.