KNOTEWORTHY: Aslihan Asadov, Peshtemal Collection


Aslihan Asadov and her sister, Gizem, are the founders of Peshtemal Collection. Asilhan was born and raised in Istanbul and moved to the US when she was 17 years old. She earned her higher education and a Master's Degree in Project Management at Northeastern University. While working as a project manager at one of the biggest tech companies in Boston, Aslihan realized that she was born to be an entrepreneur. Her extensive abilities to execute ideas helped her establish a big chunk of Peshtemal Collection. 

While still pursuing her career in marketing, her sister, Gizem joined the entrepreneurial journey. Aslihan is happily married and has a 2 year old boy named Eren. In her free time, she enjoys Boston with Eren and her husband, and they scoot around the beautiful streets. Gizem enjoys getting together with friends, a beach yoga under California sunshine and the art of doing nothing. 

We talked to Asilhan about the importance of believing in your product, and here’s what she shared…

What is your mission statement and overall goal for your business?

Our mission is to provide people a unique, sustainable, ethically sourced, and handcrafted organic product that has a 600 year old story. 

How did you get your idea or concept for your business?

We’re two sisters with an entrepreneurial mindset who like to make an impact on people’s lives in every way we can.  Coming from a Turkish background, we know that Turkish textiles are above and beyond with organic cotton, a unique history and 600 years of weaving techniques . This made it easier for us to make our ideas come to life.  We ourselves were fans of peshtemals at an early age,  and very knowledgeable consumers of Turkish textile. Therefore, when we talk about Peshtemal Collection and our products, we’re able to give examples from our personal experiences as we use Turkish textile and prefer sustainable fashion in our daily lives. 

Can you share with us any information about your business that you would want other entrepreneurs to know?

We would highly encourage other entrepreneurs to believe in what they do. As vague as it may sound, when one believes in something, the quality, and the history of the product or service they provide, the business markets itself. When we talk about Turkish textile, ethical manufacturing processes, sustainability, weaving technique and the art; words don’t come from a strategy, but from our hearts, because we’re 100% passionate about what we do. That’s why we’d highly recommend our entrepreneur friends find their passion that they thrive in - its vision and mission will tag along.