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KNOTEWORTHY: Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski, Feng Shui Services of New England

Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski, MS, RN, is the owner and principal consultant for Feng Shui Services of New England. She is a certified Feng Shui practitioner and has been consulting and educating about the need for a balanced home and work environment since 2010.  She earned Red Ribbon status through the International Feng Shui Guild and a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. She teaches and writes on the benefits of Feng Shui throughout New England. 

We asked Julie to share her story regarding her journey to entrepreneurship, along with some questions regarding her business goals, and here's what she shared with us....

We'd love to learn more about your business mission and ultimate entrepreneurial goal?

The mission of Feng Shui Service of New England is to share the ancient Chinese practice of adjusting environments for balance and harmony. The goal is to share these Chinese secrets making them relevant for today. My desire is to educate those who want to create a living and working environment that is loved. My vision entails helping others to stay balanced and true to their wishes and desires. 

What inspired the launch of your business?

I have worked as a nurse in many challenging environments that have often been chaotic and stressful. I learned about the ancient art and science of Feng Shui by accident. Although there are no REAL accidents, in my opinion! 

The Feng Shui talk that replaced a professional workshop presenter was the beginning of a journey of learning, self-exploration, joy and fulfillment. The practice of Feng Shui has deepened my commitment to living a harmonious and balanced life that I enjoy sharing with others. 

Can you share with us any information about your business that you would want other entrepreneurs to know? 

My business is working with energy or chi. I have found that I need to keep my own personal energy clear and balanced to be an effective consultant and educator. As a result, I have made my Feng Shui business only part of what I do. I work part-time as a nurse, keeping my schedule open for new Feng Shui opportunities. 

What do you wish you knew before you started your business?

Networking was not easy for me. During networking events, I spent most of the time collecting business cards. I had hundreds, then thousands. I was overwhelmed. What to do with them?  I created a rule I follow strictly: Collect only a few business cards, and give only a few business cards. Also, I always ask permission before adding someone to my contact list; this keeps my email list scrubbed and pure.

How do you leverage your social media channels for growth? 

Understanding the impact of social media is important for every business owner today. I wanted to stay local. Face-to-face contact is important to me. Therefore, I limit my online presence. I have a Facebook page to keep in touch with clients and folks who are like-minded. I announce upcoming events, give Feng Shui tips and inspirational thoughts on that platform. 

I use email as my main source of communication with clients and potential clients. Because applying Feng Shui to a home is a very personal experience, my finest clients are folks I have met directly at various educational talks. Also, client referrals and recommendations have driven my business.  I consider all presentations, workshops, and classes as marketing for my business and services.

What is your definition of success as an entrepreneur?

The definition of success is different for each person/entrepreneur. Not everyone can climb Mount Everest, there is not enough room at the top. You may have to choose a different, shorter mountain to climb; this is your peak to conquer. Success for me is the comfort of base camp surrounded by the beautiful mountains. 


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