KNOTEWORTHY: Kristie Dean, The Soul Project

Kristie Dean

Kristie Dean is a Professional Photographer, Mom, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Founder of The Soul Project - a multifaceted mission anchored in Kristie’s desire to use her passion for photography and connection to support women. Her latest launch Soulful Branding provides beautiful lifestyle photography for female owned brands while The Soul Project, her ongoing documentary aims to use vulnerability and storytelling to help women find power in their voices. Kristie is on a mission to promote compassion, self love and tribe while creating images that empower and support women both personally and professionally. We talked to Kristie about how she defines success and more…

What is your mission statement and overall goal for your business?

Our mission at The Soul Project  is to foster emotional growth and wellness for all women. Our supportive community provides a safe platform for women to share and own their story. We promote compassion, self love and tribe by embracing vulnerability and finding our power in it. We believe in always moving toward a better version of ourselves and in fully supporting other women in their journey to do the same.

How did you get your idea or concept for your business?

I was sick of scrolling social media and feeling like crap - always comparing, judging and finding myself feeling inadequate . I knew I was not alone. As a professional photographer and lover of storytelling, I  wanted to pair my gifts and passions with this mission to create a space for women to lift each other up and inspire one another instead of tearing one another down. I wanted to create a community that was more honest about the real stuff and loved each other because of it. We all have a story. The project was built with the goal of providing women with a space to be vulnerable, to find power in their voice and a space to connect over something real.

Where do you find inspiration to stay motivated?

The women that share their stories each week motivate me to keep going. I have many moments where I feel overwhelmed and like I want to quit. But each week I get messages of how women are healing and connecting through our community and that keeps me motivated to not only keep this going, but keep it growing.

How do you define success?

To me, success is finding happiness living the life you want regardless of what others think. Putting your head down and pushing through obstacles and critics to find yourself on the other side of your goals - no matter how long that may take. Financially speaking I think success is reached when you're able to create the lifestyle and experiences that make you feel content and full-hearted - what that looks like varies from person to person. Success is subjective, but I think the feeling you have when you're truly successful is universal - it’s a feeling of gratitude, fulfillment, connection and pride.