KNOTEWORTHY: Meg Wheeler, One For Women

Meg Wheeler is the Co-Founder of One For Women, an online gift company that sources its products from women makers and gives back to non-profits that support women. She also teaches and mentors women looking to leave their 9-5 jobs and start their own businesses and runs her blog, the Leap of Faith Society. A realtor turned international tax accountant turned startup CEO. Meg is passionate about empowering women, a believer in constant reinvention and never takes herself too seriously.

We asked Meg to share her story regarding her journey to entrepreneurship, along with some questions regarding her business goals, and here's what she shared with us...

Can you tell me your mission statement and overall goal for your business?

One For Women empowers and connects women through easier and more intuitive gift giving and a focus on promoting women-owned companies to catalyze their growth. Our affordable, curated gift sets, designed for the “small” moments in life such as job promotions or breakups, feature products from women-owned companies and our website’s features such as group gift giving and advance scheduling options save the busy woman time. To further our mission of supporting and connecting women, a portion of our proceeds go back to women’s non-profit organizations. Our philosophy is simple: one small gesture can have one significant impact.  

How do you achieve work-life balance?

When I started One For Women I knew that I did not want to run my company the way most startups are – long hours, handcuffed to emails and burnt out employees. I was very intentional about setting boundaries so that the work would still get done, but I would be able to spend time with my family and be a healthy, happy founder. I prioritize two areas – first, I focus on my health. I schedule time every day to work out and take a short nap (crucial to stay productive!), and I create a meal plan every week to ensure I am eating good nutritional foods. It may sound odd to talk about personal health when talking about business, but I am more energetic and productive when I am my best self, and this is the key to big ideas and getting my work done quicker so that I can have that work-life balance.

The second area I prioritize is finding efficiencies in my business. I have set “work” times for myself based on when I know I’m most productive, and I schedule in family/personal time that is sacred. I also automate as much as I can, and for things I can’t (such as responding to emails), I set up systems – for example, only responding to emails at certain times – to ensure that I stay as productive as possible and can shut down during that crucial family time.

How did you get your idea or concept for your business?

It all started when a friend had a bad day, which turned into a bad week. I wanted to cheer her up, so I sent her flowers, which put a smile on her face but cost me a cool $80. I realized that I couldn’t sustain sending my friends these “small gestures” on my budget, and thought there had to be a better way. But I struggled to find one resource for small, affordable gifts and figured many other women, like myself, probably didn’t have the time to search for them either.

I almost stopped there. But I quickly realized that I had the opportunity, through the gift sets, to have a bigger impact. To be more than just a gift company. And that’s when the idea of one small gesture, one big impact, was born.

Each One For Women gift set doesn’t just surprise and delight its recipient; it supports women makers and non-profit organizations that help women. Through something as simple as a small gift, I am honored to build a community that supports and empowers women and women-owned businesses.


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