KNOTEWORTHY: Ashley Clay, Eventfully Yours

Originally from Vermont, Ashley Clay is the owner and lead planner of Eventfully Yours, a local event company that offers full hospitality service for any size event. After spending over a decade working in the hospitality industry, this softball star turned event planner comes fully equipped with all the necessary tools for any situation. 

Not only is Ashley dedicated on and off the field, she is also an award winning artist, bringing both vision and craft to play together. In her (limited!) downtime, Ashley likes to travel throughout New England, watch horror movies and and enjoys sleeping in!

Where did your business concept of Eventfully Yours originate from?

I have always known I was meant to work with people in a creative way.  Watching my mom regularly engage and entertain the community as Recreation Director, I gathered my sense of hospitality from home.  

I knew food and smiles were connected, and that I enjoyed everything good that came from sharing it. But how did that tie to how I would make money? All the hospitality related jobs I had along the way allowed to me have a diverse range of knowledge, from making coffee to management style, and I took notes along the way.  

Now I am able to coach our staff from a hands-on perspective that one wouldn't have without professional industry experience. It took the years of learning to really direct me into my goals, that now I could describe my event planning style as energetic & creative with an emphasis on taking care of each and every guest.

What sacrifices have you made that have led to your success thus far as an Entrepreneur?   

For many years, I have had to sacrifice nights, weekends and holidays to make sure that my clients are being cared for.  

I wanted to be the face behind the name, to really put a personal touch on every event we are a part of. I am very lucky to have a spouse who is also in business, and understands when the phone rings in the middle of dinner, that I get up to take a call.  It is a two-way street in our household, and I am very lucky for that level of understanding and support.

Where do you seek and find inspiration as a business owner?

I know the classic answer of "everywhere" is very overused, but it is so true! I really like to learn about my clients as people before I am able to deliver top notch service to them.  From the normal coffee date to cocktail meeting, I am able to gather the knowledge and inspiration I need to operate at a high level. 

I feel like asking the right questions via open conversation is extremely important.  After truly listen to the responses, I allow my inner child to run free. Creativity is something I have always enjoyed and have been encouraged to explore.  

Where there is a vision, there is an event planner with a trick up her sleeve! 


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