KNOTEWORTHY: Boston Women's Market

We had the wonderful opportunity to interview the amazing ladies who are leading the charge at the Boston Women's Market, with questions regarding their journey to entrepreneurship, who they are as a brand, who they serve, and how they spread the good news around's what they shared!

What is your mission statement and overall goal for your business?

We promote the work of and preserve a space for Womxn entrepreneurs and artists in the New England area.

We foster an environment of support and innovation for our community by hosting Marketplaces throughout the Boston area, telling the stories of inspirational Womxn, and providing tools to help Womxn-owned businesses succeed. In doing so, we endeavor to build and knit closer the community around us; fostering a celebration of shopping and supporting local.

How did you get where you are today, and who/what helped you along the way?

Boston Women’s Market is organized by a team of four women all with different backgrounds and personal experiences that have inspired and strengthened the vision of Boston Women’s Market.

Molly Leger, Founder
“Over the last year, our steady and sustainable growth has been a function of the incredible team that helms BWM, and the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response of the community around us.”

Taylor Borowiec, Organizer & Editorial Lead

“I am very lucky to have had such a strong support system growing up. My parents gave me every opportunity and helped to show me how to work hard and keep going, no matter the obstacles or failures in my way.”

Africa Rubio, Organizer & Social Media Guru

“The team of Boston Women’s Market has allowed me to meet amazing women from all around the New England area and to be part of something that I believe in. I moved to Boston four years ago from Madrid, Spain. I was looking to be part of the community and to meet great people. I ended up meeting Molly soon after the first Market in September, 2017, and since then have been working together with Molly, Taylor, and Cara.”

Cara Loffredo, Organizer & Marketing and Website Go-To

“I always say I have entrepreneurship in my blood. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs on both my mother’s and father’s side. This engrained a passion for small business in me from the start. I’m a huge advocate for starting your career in small business or non-profit. I’ve gotten to do things and grow professionally in ways I never would have been able to in a traditional corporate environment. I also love mentoring and passing that knowledge onto the Boston Women’s Market network.” 

How do you use social media for growth? 

Boston Women’s Market uses social media to foster a greater awareness for the many local small businesses in the New England area. We promote and support our incredible vendors and their businesses throughout our online channels, in addition to promoting our events. Our goal is to always create an environment that people love to be a part of.  

Social media can be a very positive way to spread ideas and is something that, when used correctly, can have a positive impact on a person's day.