KNOTEWORTHY: Video Marketing Speaker Meaghan Corson

Meaghan is truly passionate about storytelling, so it’s no surprise she started her career off as a CBS news reporter. You name it, she’s covered it, from the county fair and government to shootings and train explosions. Her super power is helping people feel comfortable on camera and share their message. She took these skills and built video programs for various industries including software, medical, and startups. Now Meaghan works with executives and professionals to map out their video strategy and to be great on camera so they can connect with the masses.

Audiences describe her interactive presentations as “eye opening and inspiring” and say she has “a powerful inner light." Meaghan grew up on Cape Cod, and now lives near Boston. She and her husband, Tim, enjoy traveling the world especially when it takes them near the ocean. Meaghan truly loves trying unique and sometimes wild things - from zip-lining in glowworm caves in New Zealand or even eating octopus in Greece.

We asked Megan about how she got to where she is today, and here's what she shared...

Can you share with us any information about your business that you would want other entrepreneurs to know?

Many entrepreneurs understand the need of using video for their businesses, but sometimes we don’t use videos because we don’t know where to start or the idea of going on camera is scary. If you feel stuck or you’re not getting the results you want from your videos, then I’m here to help. My focus is to help you achieve your business goals using video, whether you bring me in as a consultant, trainer for your team, or speaker for your event. With my background as a former CBS news reporter and building video programs for large and small companies in various industries, I’m confident I can help you maximize video. Feel free to check our my website for more information and even get great, free information from my vlog:

How do you achieve work-life balance as a business owner?

I create as much work-life balance as I can by keeping track of my goals and knowing what my priorities are. Every year I layout my business and personal goals and then break them down month by month. From there I map out my schedule each week using Google Calendar. I love how this tool is connected to my computer and my phone, and I schedule practically everything with it even time for brainstorming, exercising, and cooking dinner. From there I have three daily goals and one of them has to be non work related such as going for a long walk or finishing a house project.

Having tasks and goals laid out helps me stay focused and reduce stress of forgetting something. I also have a few rules for drawing the line between work and my personal life. A couple ones that stand out are not working or answering emails after 6PM and not working on the weekends. Having clear boundaries really helps me avoid burnout and enjoy other parts of my life more. Of course, I may stray away from my calendar or break one of my rules here and there but then I remind myself that we have to give ourselves a break sometimes and remember I’m only human and no one is perfect.

How did you get where you are today, and who/what helped you along the way?

It may seem odd but I’d say what’s helped me most along the way are the challenges I faced in my career because they forced me to grow and get to where I am today. Everyone has their own challenges when pursuing their business and personal dreams, and I'm no different. I'll share with you three main challenges I've handled thus far.

When I was a news reporter I loved what I did and was good at it but over time I felt more and more out of balance. I have workaholic tendencies and given the nature of the TV news world that was magnified to the point of affecting my health and happiness. I naturally have a energetic and bubbly personality and I like that about me, so once I realized my positive energy was going down and I wasn't as excited about my job I knew something had to change. For me, it was leaving the news world and exploring other ways to help people share stories in another way. This first brought me to the corporate world and now I've found that being an entrepreneur is my true calling to help people and feel fulfilled.

Right before I started my own business I worked for a startup of an online community for service members and Veterans. Initially I entered this marketing position because I wanted to be challenged more and make a bigger impact on the company as a whole and help with a wonderful cause. I felt energized taking the lead on marketing initiatives and seeing the online community grow and strengthen with content and engagement for the members. Yet over time I fell into the same issue from when I was a reporter... no proper work-life balance. There were other challenges with organization management and delegation, but long story short I was let go with no notice. I was truly shocked and sad when this happened as I poured all of my efforts into the startup, yet now I see it as an amazing push I needed to finally start my own business. This gave me the opportunity to focus on my life goals and take the exciting risk of starting my own business, and I've never looked back.

This next challenge I'll share doesn't pinpoint on one moment but there was a distinct turning point for me. Once I newly started my business I lined up my first video client right away and was grateful to find more video clients for smaller projects and eventually grew to have my first regular consulting client (one I've worked with for over three years now). Yet I didn't have the flow of income I was looking for and I didn't feel like I was truly fulfilled by my work to its fullest extent. The turning point for me was discovering professional speaking. I didn't realize that people got paid to speak at conferences and events and I had been told by multiple business people that I should speak and share my knowledge. When I had set in my mind that I wanted to pursue this shortly after I was asked to speak at an entrepreneur event in Texas. I took the opportunity and spoke to an audience of over 300 entrepreneurs and loved it! Not a bad way to start off my speaking career, right? With practically no experience presenting to large groups in this way and minor preparation, the audience enjoyed the information and stories I shared and it felt so natural to me. I knew this was my way to really help people, achieve fulfillment in what I do, and bring in the income I was looking for. Now I primarily serve as a professional speaker and video consultant.