KNOTEWORTHY: Ali Singer, Yoga Instructor and Founder of YogaHub

Founder and CEO of YogaHub and 500hr certified yoga instructor, Ali Singer is ranked as the number one yoga coach in Massachusetts. With a background in synchronized skating and dance, Ali started practicing yoga out of a love for movement and fitness. Through regular practice, she experienced a tremendous emotional shift, and sought to learn more about how and why yoga works. Ali parted from a promising bartending career to quench her thirst for enlightenment.

She earned her 200-hour certification and began teaching in 2013. She thrived in leading power vinyasa classes and working with students one-on-one.

An entrepreneurial spirit, Ali was always looking for ways to solve problems and build a company from the ground up. Upon entry into the yoga industry, she saw how much it was growing, along with corporate wellness. She envisioned serving these markets through a multifaceted enterprise that would bring yoga to people to where they lived, traveled, and worked. With this vision, YogaHub was born. Along with teaching private lessons and studio classes, Ali started to create and manage yoga programs for hotels, offices, and residential apartment complexes.

In 2017, Ali traveled to India for two months, and completed a 300-hour teacher training course in the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh. In India, what began as a purely physical practice, took deep root as a lifestyle philosophy that would influence every aspect of her being. The spiritual side of yoga taught Ali how to navigate the stressful turmoil of starting and running a business, and how to manage a chaotic schedule. She adopted ideas and techniques that enabled her to overcome challenges and keep a positive mindset, no matter what. Ali aims to impart this knowledge upon students and business professionals so that they may experience peace, happiness, and fulfillment on a day-to-day basis.

We asked Ali about the path that led her to entrepreneurship, and here's what she shared...

How did you get your idea or concept for your business?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind, looking for ways to solve problems, meet people’s needs, and generate a profit. I started thinking about a yoga business while in my first teacher training. I evaluated the yoga studio model and determined that it had high competition and low profitability, and I knew I needed to innovate. I saw how there was a growing number of yoga teachers, but they lacked professional opportunities and ongoing education. I also saw how companies had an increasing need for wellness programs, in which yoga would be an integral component. The YogaHub business model continues to evolve out of efforts to solve problems, meet people’s needs, and generate a profit.

Where do you find inspiration to stay motivated?

My motivation is YogaHub International. I have this monumental vision for my business, and who knows if I’ll get there in this lifetime, but I believe that the world will truly benefit from the widespread practice of yoga. It’s created such positive transformation in my life, and my mission is to help others experience the benefits. There are certainly times when I feel frustrated or defeated, and at those times, yoga is my inspiration, of course! I’ve learned to practice “abhyasa vairagya,” which is is full effort with zero attachment to the results. I’m doing what I want to do with my life; my off-the-mat practice is to love the process while not getting hung up on how things unfold.

What habits have helped make you successful?

It’s true that never giving up is what breeds success, and I’ve found that a positive mindset is the fundamental requirement to overcome all obstacles. To cultivate a positive mindset, I write a list of favorable circumstances around me and meditate on how thankful I am for them. What works is more than the list- it’s the feeling of gratitude and letting it permeate throughout my heart so much that I can’t help but smile. I always focus more on being happy with what I have than being unhappy with what has not yet manifested :)